The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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    arkanvampirearkanvampire2 minutter siden
  • Wow!, increible performance... pasará a la historia junto con la de Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay y Shakira.

    16rockcarlos16rockcarlos6 minutter siden
  • Genius.

    Apple AppleApple Apple11 minutter siden
  • The Weeknd was enjoying himself, as he should! Hearing audience get excited with him during the transition to blinding lights was awesome.

    La’ NaeLa’ Nae11 minutter siden
  • Maybe Grammy's blinded by the lights

    Dijin EDijin E21 minutt siden
  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    BurgaBurga25 minutter siden
  • Illuminati all the way

    Bastian BuxBastian Bux31 minutt siden
  • Le veo todo los dias antes de dormirme uwu

    Oliver MartinezOliver Martinez42 minutter siden
  • Omg I love the part of blinding lights. My favorite. It’s awesome

    Lilian LopezLilian Lopez53 minutter siden
    • The more I watch it, the more I love it!

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy11 minutter siden
  • Daft Punk Forever 💛🤍💛🤍

    Itz_Just_ GrayyyItz_Just_ GrayyyTime siden
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      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy11 minutter siden
  • Entrance like he walkin into tekken tag 2

    A. Nonny MouseA. Nonny MouseTime siden
  • I love El Fin de Semana. Tho! the 2020 show was way better

    Elias VelasquezElias VelasquezTime siden
  • 4:27 what my screen sees all day

    spaceifyspaceifyTime siden

    James HubacherJames HubacherTime siden
  • Honestly best half time show

    Luis AvilaLuis AvilaTime siden

    James HubacherJames HubacherTime siden
  • presIOsa presentación 😭😭😭😭😭

    K BK BTime siden
  • presiOsoOOOOOOo0

    K BK BTime siden

    James HubacherJames HubacherTime siden

    Ayan SinhaAyan Sinha2 timer siden
    • No one cares we’re going to have fun

      Thick pink ButtcheeksThick pink Buttcheeks2 timer siden
  • I still cant get over this performance 🥺

    kaory soplinkaory soplin2 timer siden

    Dgk SmokinDgk Smokin2 timer siden
  • The oceanic atm contemporaneously lock because anger intradurally occur amid a juvenile thought. noiseless, ambitious pipe

    charlie oldscharlie olds2 timer siden
  • The more I watch it, the more I love it!

    Moises MartinezMoises Martinez2 timer siden
  • Never like Shakira And JLo 🥵

    MaldonadoMaldonado2 timer siden
  • the halftime show above halftime shows

  • Im just here for the memes

    PikaBoPikaBo2 timer siden
  • 10:05 the best moment of the night 👏🏽👏🏽

    Nickjr YTNickjr YT3 timer siden
  • Is best

    Brandon freddBrandon fredd3 timer siden
  • 00:07 - Start of the Show 00:34 - Call Out My Name 01:24 - Starboy 02:34 - The Hills 03:48 - Can't Feel My Face 05:09 - I Feel It Coming 06:21 - Save Your Tears 07:24 - Earned It 10:04 - House of Balloons 11:08 - Blinding Lights

    Eric SavéllanoEric Savéllano3 timer siden
  • But we all gotta agree, the memes from this were the best part.

    RBLXPRORBLXPRO3 timer siden
  • Looks like straight males can perform after all

    Obviously MoroccanObviously Moroccan3 timer siden
  • He deserves the world. I'm his fan since Trilogy, it makes me feel so proud of him. Love Abel. XO.

    Dani F.Dani F.3 timer siden

    Ron ScurtiRon Scurti3 timer siden
  • Is it just me but when he sang I can’t feel my face you got dizzy?? I had some motions sickness ngl but songs are great ngl

    SiimplyLemonSiimplyLemon3 timer siden
    • I was fine lol

      Thick pink ButtcheeksThick pink Buttcheeks2 timer siden
  • i can’t stop watching this

    sriyani srisriyani sri3 timer siden
  • At 7:14 during "Save Your Tears" you can hear the "whoa whoa" background vocals from the "House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls" transition.

    Éverson da SilvaÉverson da Silva4 timer siden
  • Why are people hating on this? He literally paid billions for this at least show some respect for him

    Diego EDiego E4 timer siden
    • Millions*

      Alex GAlex G4 timer siden
  • 7 Million Dollars for 14 minutes. A whole Historical Event performance. So happy to be alive

    YouRGayYouRGay4 timer siden
  • the best show the halftime

    Nasa Yumi ZambranoNasa Yumi Zambrano4 timer siden

    Manasa PrasadManasa Prasad4 timer siden
  • Other singers: *audio tune be like at 100* The Weekend be like: *what's audio tune?*

    Laura RubalcabaLaura Rubalcaba4 timer siden
  • 6:06 Why did he look down??? :D

    Đặng Đức MinhĐặng Đức Minh5 timer siden
  • The 59k Dislikes are from the people who have Epilepsy

    Jacob PadillaJacob Padilla5 timer siden
  • Hi the weekend I want to meet you in real life one day to make my birthday really special it’s the weekend we’re gonna play the Weeknd songs and please make my dream come true am I mom‘s daughter Annette my Aaliyah

    annettedominguez94annettedominguez945 timer siden
  • what did he say at 3:35

    Scott BothamScott Botham5 timer siden
  • omggggggggggggggg i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the wekend

    Grecia RSGrecia RS5 timer siden
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    steven peckersteven pecker5 timer siden
  • trash

    exile.exile.5 timer siden
  • The transition from house of balloons to blinding lights thoooo 👌👌🤩😍

    Bilal MBilal M5 timer siden
  • I always imagine the players watching this in the locker room.

    Aidan ReasonsAidan Reasons5 timer siden
  • Devil

    alex19773alex197735 timer siden
  • I guess all the men that were on the field were predicting Tampa to win. They were walking/facing towards the Buccaneers end zone (walking away from the Chiefs end zone) 😂

    daisy may160daisy may1606 timer siden
  • Alguien latino?

    HN ALEX S2HN ALEX S26 timer siden
  • Me(Age 9):HOW DID HE MAKE IT OUT THE MAZE! IM TERRIFIED OF THOSE THINGS Future me:Wow im an idiot was i was younger...;-;

    Alyssa MejiaAlyssa Mejia6 timer siden
  • I loved the super bowl

    Alyssa MejiaAlyssa Mejia6 timer siden
  • ❤for 22nd of July ❤

    Gheorghe AndreiGheorghe Andrei6 timer siden
  • This is definatly top five super bowl hafe time shows for me!!!

    Nate ConstableNate Constable6 timer siden
  • One thing Americans do absolutely right is the halftime show at the Super Bowl. Why other sports don't adopt this level of entertainment is beyond me.

    William RedpathWilliam Redpath6 timer siden
  • The weekend la..lucas inutilismo aqui

    Carlos HenriqueCarlos Henrique6 timer siden
  • Eleito,por minha pessoa :O SHOW DO ANO

    creusa pirescreusa pires6 timer siden
  • Bom pra caralho

    KaduKadu6 timer siden
  • Abelllll pls replyyyyyyy

    dexjedxodexjedxo6 timer siden
  • I dont get it how is a crowd allowed?

    Tim EulitzTim Eulitz6 timer siden
  • blinding lights is his only good song

    JAMES WYMAJAMES WYMA7 timer siden
    • Lol troll

      Hostile WildcatHostile Wildcat6 timer siden
  • this man flexed on Selena again opening it with Call Out My Name lmao

    TheNewEra 07TheNewEra 077 timer siden
  • I can’t be the only wondering why the audio is trash

    MilkMilk7 timer siden
  • possibly the greatest super bowl half time in history

    CT GamesCT Games7 timer siden
  • No corona sir?

    Eggsyzz GAMINGEggsyzz GAMING7 timer siden
  • Shot, for every time he says “Tampa Bay”

    Braulio ÁlvarezBraulio Álvarez7 timer siden
  • el mejor show que he visto en mi vida

    carlaa fernandezcarlaa fernandez7 timer siden
  • My Aquarius king

    Evelyn xoEvelyn xo7 timer siden
  • How do they know my youtube looped songs?!

    SpaySpay7 timer siden
  • House of balloons made me hype af but I feel like he needs to get better the after hours album story line music videos is a loop he is in a toxic cycle back to house of balloons. The music videos in order are heartless blinding lights, after hours short film, in your eyes, too late, bleed out then snow child. In heartless he’s partying And having fun then till it gets scary he runs escapes it then in blinding lights he thinks he safe and that can Control it but he ends up getting in some trouble so he runs again but in the short film he is alone and has no one and wearing the glasses(going back to his old ways) makes him feel something then in your eyes he follows the girl and never harms her but scares her giving her power over him once she realizes he won’t do anything to her letting her destroy him. in too late he is re-built in to this party life then in bleeding out he is back at the house of balloons looking miserable trying to escape it. the last video is snow child and it recaps hes walks through everything before he was famous and it in Toronto and goes through the phases of the weeknd but end up back to the casino(his old ways) and it’s a continuous cycle hope we don’t lose him to drugs he is so so talented

    Moon. StarsMoon. Stars8 timer siden
  • The blinding lights performance was so unorganized and organized at the same time and I LOVE IT

    Lucas GjesingLucas Gjesing8 timer siden
  • Probably the 100th time i’m watching this what a legend

    Bangtan GalBangtan Gal8 timer siden
  • Weeknd more like friday Just kiding

    lil pajislil pajis9 timer siden
  • Daft Punk 💔😞

    Contreras García GabrielContreras García Gabriel9 timer siden
  • @Coreano loco TV

    Piero jesus Silva vilelaPiero jesus Silva vilela9 timer siden
  • @Coreno loco

    Piero jesus Silva vilelaPiero jesus Silva vilela9 timer siden
  • 10:00

    FRI gamingFRI gaming9 timer siden
  • 10:00

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  • 6:00

    FRI gamingFRI gaming9 timer siden
  • 6:00

    Match Card videosMatch Card videos9 timer siden
  • Can we all just hit a quick dislike

    FlashlightFlashlight9 timer siden
  • why did he start bringing the cameraman with him

    HuffyHeetyHuffyHeety9 timer siden
  • It's the bomb ass choir in the back for me

    Néysa CNéysa C10 timer siden
  • imagine they got a rock/metal band. that would be freakin' amazing.

    metally insanemetally insane10 timer siden
  • Never Need a Gramm, I'm What A Gramn Needdddd ~

    TimNawtyTimNawty10 timer siden
  • Like like like gusta

    alvaro alcantaralvaro alcantar10 timer siden
  • He was the only one available during Covid! That is so sad. Y'all paid for his new face and then some, you earn minimum wage and get that. Poor ppl so blinded!

    B RB R10 timer siden
  • YA KNOW 🤗👑🔥❌❌❌⭕⭕⭕🎈

    Margaret LinkMargaret Link10 timer siden

    Margaret LinkMargaret Link10 timer siden
  • Save your tears just hits different. Its like depressing and happy at the same time and i totaly relate

    EllaElla11 timer siden
  • 10:05 for House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls/Blinding Lights

    Infinity ShroudInfinity Shroud11 timer siden
  • Me: This gets better each time and every time I watch it. Also me: **1000th time watching it**

    PaowerPaower11 timer siden
  • None: Your Friend In Vr: 4:03

    ariiarii11 timer siden
  • I can’t stop watching this video.

    suyan Osuyan O11 timer siden
  • No.1 live

    Tô Danh LamTô Danh Lam11 timer siden
  • Next Year we need a Dua Lipa/Miley Cyrus Halftime Show. I can't even begin to fathom how iconic they would be.

    Logan TaylorLogan Taylor11 timer siden